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Trying to get a turntable off


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Looking for advice here, trying to get this turntable to come off, so far I've tried: 3-in one oil, soaking nights, tried heating with gas flame, tried paint remover. It won't budge.
The same goes for the wooden handle on the crank which won't turn. No paint remover or heat there yet...
Does anyone know how to solve this??
Greatful for advice!!





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Two possibilities:  1. the turntable MAY be held on by a short threaded spindle piece that unscrews to release the turntable.  Hold the turntable to keep it from rotating and try to unscrew the spindle top.


2. If the crank handle is fastened with a threaded bolt, it is probably a left hand or reverse thread that needs to be turned clockwise (to the right) to loosen.  If it is held on with a pin and "bradded" on, it will need to be drilled out to remove.  If you just want to get the handle to rotate, it may be rusted in place, which will require gripping the handle with some type of non-slip material and forcefully rotate it back and forth until it (hopefully) frees up.

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The two pics of the crank ends don't clearly show whether the first one is a punch mark to fasten it on and the second isn't clear if it's a clogged up flat screwdriver slot or just some random marks.

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 3.58.08 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 3.58.24 PM.png

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Thanks Curt! There is no threaded spindle that holds the turntable on (I know because I have had an identical machine) it's just stuck. There was paint on top of the whole TT (no felt) and spindle, took that off w. paint remover, underneath a bit of rust. It's been standing still for a very long time. Motor works though.

I'll try again with penetrating oil and wedging. 

The crank: has no screwdriver slot, so it's probably punched. I'll try moving it like you say, back and forth, just want it to move freely. I'll get back here when something happens!

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Did you ever get the turntable off? If not, in a lot of cases, you can loosen whatever gearing or collars might be on the spindle shaft and simply remove the spindle shaft from the motor with the turntable still attached. After that, slide a close fitting bushing over the spindle, from the motor end, and rest it againast the turtable hub, (sometimes a socket, from a socket wrench set does a good job). Place the bushing on a solid surface, (such as the opened jaws of a vise), and tap on the spindle shaft with a brass hammer. The idea here is to fully support the turntable, as close to the spindle as possible, so that none of the tapping force goes directly to the turntable.  Also, use REAL penetrating oil, like Liquid Wrench, PB Blaster, Kroil, or Gibbs. If you want to make your own, use a 50/50 mix of automatic transmission fluid and acetone. (3 in 1 oil is junk as a penetrating oil, and as an oil in general)


Might also want to consider whether or not it actually needs to be removed if you can extract the spindle shaft with it still attached, as I describe above.

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Hi, no it never came off the spindle, but the gears came off - like you described - so that's sort of a solution - it IS a solution. Thanks!! Boy is it stuck on there! Freezing, oils, heating - nothing will make it budge!

So, then the crank... it won't move, I bought one of those belt wrenches but it slips so no luck there yet!


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