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  2. transformingArt

    P.T. Barnum, 1890 London

    Thanks for posting this - if I am correct, there was a second cylinder that was transferred by Edison Bell - can you also share the second cylinder? I believe there are two tracks on the Edison Bell disc.
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  4. Patience rewarded! It's great that you were finally able to find it, after so many years. That anticipation makes it all the sweeter.
  5. Very nice and thank you for posting the historical background and photo. If you ever feel comfortable with a digital transfer, that would be welcome here too.
  6. Auxetophone

    Sousa’s Washington Post March on 8-Inch Victor

    Thanks Dan! Not quite as fancy as your videos though 😄 The start is a bit rough as most of these usually are but it clears up nicely after the first couple of grooves. I have a few nice 8” discs that were given to me by another collector, which I greatly appreciated!
  7. Nice video Brandon! And what a terrific 8 inch record. I have a few of those, but they are normally quite worn. It is nice to know there are some good ones out there. And, a terrific song for this time.
  8. Congratulations to this amazing find, and also for providing some insight into the earliest days of gramophone records. Andreas
  9. ken53092

    Wanted: Edison Triumph Manual

    Time Left: 6 days and 5 hours

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    I am looking for any paperwork surround an Edison Model E Triumph. Photocopies okay, but would love to buy an original.


  10. The first Grand Opera vocal recording on disc celebrates its 125th birthday today On January 21, 1896, presumably in Philadelphia, Italian-born tenor Ferruccio Giannini sang the aria La donna è mobile from Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi for the Berliner Gramophone Company (catalog number 967). It is the world's first Grand Opera vocal recording on disc. Ferruccio Giannini visited the Gramophone studio for the first time and the sound engineer knew his name only by hearsay. He therefore wrote "F. A. Gainimi", or something like that, on the disc. From the recordings of March 4, 1896, wh
  11. Last week
  12. Just a little video I made of my VTLA playing a nice 8-inch copy of Washington Post March by Sousa’s Band in honor of Inauguration Day. Enjoy! IMG_3909.MOV
  13. phonogfp

    Columbia Type BS Coin-Op

    Thanks Fran - you're very kind. When I bought this BS on eBay several years ago (a Buy It Now whose price I couldn't resist), I thought I was getting a typical example. I picked it up in New Jersey a month later, and as I looked at it on the seller's kitchen counter, I did my best to keep a poker face. I was quite familiar with the BXP, but had never heard of a BS with similar polished parts. It was only a few days later at home, when I had a chance to study various serial numbers and correlate what was happening at Columbia at the time, that an explanation suggested itself. H
  14. Shawn

    Stanton Sale - A few observations

    Mike, I have to agree!!! I was at the Auction, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Steve and his team did an outstanding job. There were very few and short lived instances where the technology allowing online bidding got in the way for those of us present in the audience. Steve and his team resolved them quickly. As well, for those onsite the process was radically different with a large screen TV showing items that are being auctioned rather than those items being brought to the podium. So much was different for Stanton's team in this auction and they did an amazing job compen
  15. Fran604g

    Columbia Type BS Coin-Op

    I won't soon forget the 1st time I saw this in person, George. Your photos do it justice, and we all know the difficulty in taking good photos of a very shiny object. Such a beauty that I believe anyone would be proud to have in their collection.
  16. Fran604g

    Columbia Type B "Eagle"

    An entire convocation!
  17. Tinfoilphono

    Columbia Type B "Eagle"

    Pure beauty!
  18. Tinfoilphono

    Columbia Eagle

    I'm just curious -- how did this work out in the end? Were you able to improve the appearance?
  19. Tinfoilphono

    Edison Opera serial number database

    Thanks to Terry Baer, the list has now been increased by 10% -- about 330 numbers recorded to date. Edison Opera Database
  20. First off, I was NOT at the sale, so obviously take my comments with a grain of salt. I did however, follow it online, and made some notes as I went. Of course, evaluating the machines on the basis of the photos is difficult at best, as most had only one photo, and the descriptions of the machines were not extensive. That said, here are a few of my comments. The three top sellers were the Nickel Triumph in a fancy cabinet (lot 154A) which brought $18,000. The Edison “Ideal” (200) which was hammered at $11,500, (without cover or horn) and the early Columbia Model K Cylin
  21. ken53092

    Wanted, Diamond Disc B reproducer

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I am looking for a Diamond B reproducer at a reasonable price. If you have one to sell, please let me know as I need it for a project I am currently working on.


    - US

  22. “Down Among the Sugar-Cane” by Bennie Krueger and His Orchestra 1929 Johnny Marvin - Vocalist DAHR: https://adp.library.ucsb.edu/index.php/matrix/detail/800024056/BVE-50900-Down_among_the_sugar-cane
  23. Tinfoilphono

    Columbia Type BS Coin-Op

    As long as I'm on the subject, here's the BS that got away when I was a teenager in the 1960s. I wanted a coin-op in the worst way. It tied into two of my interests at the time -- coins and phonographs. But I really didn't know what was out there. Information was scarce at the time; about all I had to go on was "From Tinfoil to Stereo." I had no clue whether a BS was rarer than an Edison Excelsior, or anything else in the book. I was flying blind. But in 1964 someone in the midwest offered this one to me, and sent a Polaroid. I had no clue that it should h
  24. Tinfoilphono

    Columbia Type BS Coin-Op

    Some time travel, just for fun:
  25. phonogfp

    Columbia Type BS Coin-Op

    At the time I wrote the article that appeared in the June 2018 issue of The Antique Phonograph, I was aware of only two examples of the highly nickeled and polished BS. Since then I have been made aware of a total of five. Of the four whose serial numbers have been provided, all are within 584 units of each other. Considering that Eagle production for its first year was over 6000/month, and during its second year was over 2000/month, it's obvious that the known surviving "Nickeled and Polished" BS coin-ops were assembled within a week of each other. I believe there is a logical explanation
  26. Earlier
  27. Tinfoilphono

    Columbia Type BS Coin-Op

    You know me too well. 😉 Okay, so here's the short-lived variation -- highly nickeled and polished, in the second style cabinet with banner decal and curved coin chute with covered front. The mechanism is apparently recycled from unsold inventory of the $15 "nickeled & polished" Eagle cataloged in 1898 and not offered again. It's remarkable to see a BS that gleams like this. I will let George fill out the story since he was the first to ever write about this variation, in the June 2018 issue of The Antique Phonograph. Aside fro
  28. phonogfp

    Columbia Type BS Coin-Op

    A thread on the BS???! Rene, I suspect I know where this thread is headed! I agree - the BS is such a cute machine because of its exposed mechanism. What a blessing that they are not too difficult to find. The earliest BS Graphophones like the one shown above appeared around #160,000 (the BS was numbered amongst the Eagle serial blocks), but the last of this early type that I have in my database is #161422. By #162191, the routing had disappeared, and a decal placed on the front panel - however, the angular coin chute persisted until at least #163997 (possibly inters
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