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La voz de su amo Spanish outside horn gramophone


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I got lucky and found one of those rare Spanish gramophones , in very nice condition. I used to have one like it, but with a painted metal horn and always regretted selling it. This one is a little different in that it has a one spring motor, a cast iron back bracket and a brake that I've never seen on a HMV machine before. It appears to be original to the machine, there's no evidence of another having been installed. It has the original motor, at first I thought it had gone through a motor change, the crank comes out in a surprising place - but there are no other crank holes and no other holes on the motor board.

It's been atacked a little by woodworm at one point - but they're gone now.

It sounds just great!

I bought it from a 92 year old very friendly man who was glad to see it get a caring home!

The dealer tag says it was originally sold in Malaga, Spain.

All I had to do was grease and oil the motor and change the soundbox (it came with a Thoréns) since it had not been played since 1970. The crank is not the original one.

 Here are some pictures - I'm not sure what the horn is made of, it's too light to be mahogany?

I have very little information about the Spanish gramophone production but I'd guess it's from around 1910 - 1915?IMG_20230430_133858610.thumb.jpg.166b5d4d645022ecb40c4883bca3f37e.jpgIMG_20230430_132817924.thumb.jpg.db700f8fbc37488c6887b0220b57bf68.jpgIMG_20230430_134128411.thumb.jpg.ab8d50dc59ae5cf144b84b37001f08b4.jpgIMG_20230430_133932858.thumb.jpg.6277375e9bfd40bf23aef5fa3322c345.jpgIMG_20230430_134456398.thumb.jpg.2c98a02d2eeba19c5db8d8c514b7fc12.jpgIMG_20230430_1329403572.thumb.jpg.f6cfeb6f373bffd52af994597fc7933c.jpg


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