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Inherited a Pathe phonograph


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I have inherited an antique Pathe phonograph and I know nothing about it except that it was manufactured by the Pathe company in France around the early 1900's. I would love to get some information about it and maybe what it is worth. I am not selling, it is going down in my billards room/home theater. I just wanted to get an idea of it's value. 

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This is an American made Pathé and not a French. 

The cabinet was original made for Pathés line of Actuelle phonographs from the early 1920s. When Pathé phased out the line between 1924-1925 they were left with a lot of remaining cabinets. The left-over cabinets were sold to be converted into budget machines through their dealers. Pathé went to the supplier company Heineman for the tonearm and motor, put in a horn to make them into a more traditional phonograph rather than the cone that was used on the Actuelle.  Yours being a converted model was likely made in the New York Factory that Pathé got their cabinets from in 1923-1924. 

These converted models pop up more than you'd think. Though the Actuelle was seen as rather revolutionary for Pathé they weren't great sellers. The whole cone idea never really stuck in the US, but you'll find it on several Eruopean brands. Actuelle models, especially the period case designs can be very collectable in the hobby. The converted ones, not so much. 

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