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Toy Gramophones


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In a recent post on this website, you might have read about the Pigmyphone Bing toy company of Germany which manufactured kiddie machines during the 1920s. The company also produced Kiddkyphone gramophones for children.





These machines would play children specific 78 RPM records issued by Kiddyphone records in three different sizes (7 inch, 5½ inch, and 6 inch). While most of the Kiddyphone releases were especially recorded for children some  were edited versions of recordings previous releases. The Kiddoyphone label was owned by  Crystalate Gramophone Record Manufacturing Company Ltd. based in U.K. which also owned Imperial records. 



There were other manufacturers of toy gramophones too. Probably one of the most oldest was Penny Tin established in 1904. 




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A large and varied collection of these interesting tin children's phonographs could be assembled and displayed in a relatively small space.  


I'm particularly attracted to the colors - and the name - on the Wackerphon.


George P.

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Hi Alang ! Thanks for sharing. I am sure someone might have published a coffee table book with pictures and introduction of all these toy gramophones. That must be an interesting reading. There are some research articles about such machines available  at Jstor and Sage but one need subscription to access them. I will appreciate hearing more about it from members. 

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