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Bing Pigmyphone Original Instructions


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Hi ! Thanks for the posting. If I correctly understand the brochure belongs to kids gramophones of 1929s like the one appearing in the picture attached. 

This machine, despite its cheap sheet casing, was robust. image.jpeg.9b38445e7d358cbc50c9f6925762017c.jpeg


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More of toy gramophones

1) "Pixie Phone", manufactured by Georg Adam Mangold, Nuremberg, clockwork, lithographed with motifs of animal musicians, working, with key. - 2) "Kiddyphone", Bing Werke, Nuremberg, lithographed tin, spring-motor working, top plate loose, no key. - 3) Unmarked, Germany, wood case, spring-driven, working, with crank. - And: 4) "Pigmyphone", Bing Werke, Nuremberg, lithographed tin, spring-driven, working, with key.

4 Spielzeug-Grammophone, um 1930
1) "Pixie Phone", Hersteller: Georg Adam Mangold, Nürnberg. Federwerk, lithographiert mit musizierenden Tierfiguren, funktioniert, mit Schlüssel. - 2) "Kiddyphone", Bing Werke, Nürnberg, lithographiertes Blech, Federwerkmotor funktioniert, Deckplatte lose, ohne Schlüssel - 3) Unbezeichnet, Deutschland, Holzgehäuse, Federwerkmotor, funktioniert, mit Kurbel. - Und: 4) "Pigmyphone", Bing Werke, Nürnberg, lithographiertes Blech, Federwerkmotor, funktioniert, mit Schlüssel.

ref: https://www.lot-art.com/auction-lots/4-Toy-Gramophones-c-1930/765-toy_gramophone-24.4.21-team


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