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HELP Columbia Grafonola - Identification (Year & model/type)


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Hi All, I could really use some help. 


My father in law bought this Columbia Grafonola. It still works and is in a pretty good shape; the mahogany exterior, finishes, all in very good condition.

He bought it with a print out of a guide for the Type D-2.

My research on the internet did not help much with dating and the model/type. What confuses me in terms of the model/type, and what I cant seem to find a match to, is the variable speed control knob (Fast / Slow) sits on the bottom left side of the turn table. The label on the inside of the lid, shows " Columbia Grafonola" With the Music note below it, with the etching "Columbia Records" "Music Notes Trade Mark" where in all of my online checking It usually says "Made in USA", and if there is a speed control, it sits on the right bottom side of the turn table.  


Also on the interior is a little plaque that says "Pamensky Bros. Port Elizabeth". Sorry, I am in South Africa, and my father bought it from someone at an antique store. We are thinking that the "Pamensky Bros." refers maybe to importers?! Internet does not deliver a lot around the plaque. 

The only other thing, at the bottom of the Grafonola is a piece of paper that is attached to it, which has torn a bit, and the only thing that can be read is: "number: 10400" (Maybe a production unit number?) (Sorry no picture of the paper)


Hope the Pics help. Any ideas, opinions etc will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Everyone    



Col Gra4.jpg

Col Gra5.jpg

Col Gra6.jpg

Col Gra7.jpg

Col Gra1.jpg

Col Gra2.jpg

Col Gra3.jpg

Col Gra8.jpg

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The "Pamensky Bros" dealer tag mentions Port Elizabeth and since you are from South Africa it most likely refers to Port Elizabeth, SA.  There is/was a Joseph Pamensky family in Port Elizabeth who immigrated to SA from Latvia after serving in the Russian army around 1897.  He and his brother, or his sons could have formed the company to deal in phonographs.  No definite info could be found on the company, or who owned it, but the tag is a typical celluloid dealer tag.



Your phonograph is similar to the Columbia model 50, also known as the "Favorite".  These came out around 1911 and there are variations of them.  The earliest versions had two doors on the front, which violated a Victor patent, so were changed to a louver system for volume control.  These machines were made in several different countries, not just the USA, so there does not seem to be a standard arrangement.


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@CurtA Thank you for the response. Appreciate it. Interesting to hear that even then the manufacturing was not limited to just the US. 

I've read there can be alot of fake machines out there. Probably extremely difficult to judge by the photos but would you say that this is authentic?  

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..."would you say that this is authentic?"


Yes, definitely... I have a similar one, but made in the US.  I should have noticed that yours indicates "Made In England" on the reproducer, which is commonly found and appropriate for export to SA.

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That's awesome. Thank you @CurtA

No, that is / was (has since been sold) actually just coasters , in a wooden holder specially made to store the coasters when not used. My in-laws actually have a little antique shop going. So always bits and pieces and interesting things which they get.   


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could you say that this is credible?"

Indeed, without a doubt... I have a comparative one, however made in the US. I ought to have seen that yours designates "Made In Britain" on the reproducer, which is ordinarily found and suitable for product to SA.

Pease contact me here: https://forum.antiquephono.org/topic/1030-help-columbia-https://astroluna.org/-grafonola-https://doradomanana.xyz/-identification-year-https://californialoteryresults.com/-modeltype/

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I don't know who "Bankbates" is, but his post is suspicious and probably a scam...  I wouldn't click on that link that redirects  several times as it looks highly suspect.

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