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Found 9 results

  1. Neilvanstem

    Columbia Eagle

    Only a few photos of my machine to show the stipes on the mandrel and to ask if something can remove those or if I should just ignore it? I assume those stripes are from a cylinder?

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    Fellow Forum Members- Today, I am offering an exceptional, collector quality, Columbia Q with an original 10" painted cone horn. The photos will speak to the quality of this machine, but here's some important observations: Pristine original finish on the base and lid Original Columbia Lid decal is almost 100% Lid veneer is perfect, no veneer chips Nice bedplate paint and the pinstriping Nice and bright original nickel plating, even on the lid hardware Runs great Original fancy key Original D2B reproducer that even has it's original stepped diaphragm Original rubber feet on bottom Original 10" cone horn with original paint and pinstriping, very nice All in all, this is one exceptionally sweet machine. Worthy of most any collection. Here's a great opportunity to add a quality machine to your collection. I have taken lots of photos. PM me if you seriously interested and I'll get you more photos. Asking $450 plus the cost of packaging and shipping via Fed Ex. One box for machine and horn. Expect shipping cost to be $30-50 cross country. Personal check preferred payment on this one. Please contact me via PM as to the machine's availability because, in addition to the Forum, it is for sale elsewhere. Mark


    Petaluma, California - US

  3. Neilvanstem

    Columbia 2/4 minute machines

    Just wondering how many of us have Columbia 2/4 minute cylinder machines. I was lucky I think to find this one I show. It obviously has been restored and is in very good shape. The sound is fantastic. I love it and the music it makes. So what other 2/4 minute Columbia cylinder machines do you have? Can you show photos?
  4. Neilvanstem

    AG reproducer

    I had sent an email out to someone then remembered hey we have a resource with this group. I will post a few photos which make the problem evident I think. This is the reproducer from my Columbia AG and wondered if all I need to do is apply a drop or two of bees wax to put it right? Or glue? All I have is cement glue or wood glue but thought bees wax might work? Neil
  5. Neilvanstem

    Columbia Alhambra disc machine

    I present here photos of my Alhambra. I opened it up for more photos of the motor and innards! While at it I added oil and grease in places where needed. Circa 1913 it was much like the Regal of 1912 but with a lid. The sound box is not the one mentioned in a book I have but sounds good. The space below should have some Columbia albums/boxes? But for now because of lack of space I have Concert and Grand cylinders down below. I played a little "Bing" on there for fun.
  6. Neilvanstem

    Fonotipia two sizes

    I showed my few Columbia etched labels with gold paint. Now these seven Fonotipia I have. One is about 11 1/2 and the other six are about 10 3/4 in diameter. Now I assume these are from 1908-1911 period looking into The American Record Labels and Companies book by Sutton and Nauck. They surely have the feel of older records and the look too. I prize these as I have never found more though see them at auctions but I do not want to pay much so don't bid! Almost all have the signatures etched in the run off area but almost all are mostly covered by the labels. They are in great shape and sou
  7. Neilvanstem

    Columbia etched labels

    One of the best labels I ever found was not paper but an etched label. I only have these three 12 inch records but I prize them.
  8. For many years and a few decades I had no Columbia cylinder machines. But those days are over and this is one I really love the sound of. It was restored but looks great to me as I have enough that were never restored so why not some of the others that were? A Columbia BO. I just can's say enough about my newly acquired Columbia cylinder machines. I like the sound coming out of them, the looks of them and the durability too. Do you have Columbia cylinder machines? Can you show us them? So without further adieu here it is!
  9. I bought this a few years ago and though it does not say it's a Vivatonal nor does it say it is British it is both. Circa 1927 I believe. A great sound and look. I also include an ad someone once showed me I think at the old talking machine forum.
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