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Hello, I'm new to this forum.  Many years ago I purchased a Columbia Grafonola for $25 at a garage sale down the street.  It was complete but not working.  I repaired it and restored the cabinet and have enjoyed it sporadically since.  Recently, I sent it to Great Lakes Antique Phonograph for some maintenance work and it is singing beautifully again.  My question is can anyone recommend a brick and mortar store around the Chicago area for earlier 78s (pre WWII)?  Are there any?  Do you have a favorite?  There is no replacement for flipping through dusty piles  of musty old records.  Thanks in advance,  Max

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Hello Max. I know that this is a late reply to your posting here, but I just recently opened a booth at the Oakton Antique Centre in Arlington Heights. I'm carrying a regularly updated small selection of LPs, 45, 78s (including early ones) and cylinders,  as well as the occasional restored mechanical phonograph.


Also I just heard of this store, but have yet to have tried it. Supposedly he has a nice selection of 78s on hand. Might be worth a visit. http://bluesandjazzmart.com/


Hope this helps you on your quest!

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