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Tired of rusty casters and floor damage?


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The one thing I detest on upright machines is rusty metal casters.  They damage hardwood floors and don't roll well on carpet...

These look like a great option (like alloy wheels on classic cars).  Keep the old ones inside the machine, but use modern ones for easy movement.


Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 3.31.30 PM.png

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I agree on the casters.  I took a somewhat different approach.  I made some dollys out of plywood, eight 2' x 2'  per sheet and mounted two inch swivel casters on the bottom. I used small clear furniture cups to set the original casters into in order that the machine does not move around on the dolly.   It makes it super easy to roll the machines around with no stress on the legs.  Maybe not so desireable for the living room though...


casters 2.jpg


furniture cups.jpg

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I've used these dolly wheel sets, available on Amazon in various sizes.  While I don't have carpet in my house, they certainly work well on tile.





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