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My latest acquisition- Victor VE9-54

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Thanks to Wayne Robbins for selling me one of his Victor VE9-54 Electrolas! Wayne will be delivering this Electrola to my business in downtown Indianapolis this Friday. In the past (17 years ago)I have owned 2 examples of these Victor VE9-54s in past years and they are a lovely and distinctive Spanish Renaissance style cabinet with the Victor 2nd generation automatic record changer plus a Radiola 64. I am looking forward to rebuilding the electronics and changer and putting this in my home ASAP.


Carlton Smith

Indianapolis, IN




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Gorgeous! I would not mind having one of these myself. I think I remember seeing one at Union in recent years, but if memory serves, it was gutted. 

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I brought home my restored Victor Talking Machine Co. VE9-54E Automatic Electrola with Radiola 64 (1928).

This all electric reproduction phonograph represents the second type of automatic record changer offered to the home market by the Victor Talking Machine Company.
The changer was also offered in the VE10-35X "Orthophonic" Victrola (acoustic sound reproduction) model and the VE10-69E which was Electrola only with 8" dynamic speaker. RCA (Radio Corporation of America) supplied all of the electronics and 8" dynamic speaker but was not the owner of the Victor Company until December of 1929.

The VE9-54E retailed in 1928 for $1,350.00
The VE10-69E retailed in 1928 for $850.00
The VE10-35X retailed in 1927 for $365.00


 Here is a YouTube video of the VE9-54E.     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzM7Dzq9ME0




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