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FOR SALE: Triumph Model B with 11 panel horn


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Triumph Model B with 11 panel horn

I am now going to sell the machines in my collection individually.  The Triumph is an aftermarket nickel plated unit which has a C reproducer and plays very well.  I am guessing that the ID tag was painted red at the time of the plating and all seems to have been done very well.  The 11 panel horn, shaver, and floor crane will be sold with the machine.  The store tag from The Edison Shop in Mandan, N.D. is very cool and I also have pictures of the shop that sold the machine (given to me graciously by Ward Sandstrom of Mandan, N.D. I am asking $1000 for the machine and due to the weight of the machine and the size of the horn I am requesting local pickup in the Denver area.  Shipping would have to be discussed.

The tops of the pictures seem to be cut off so if you need better pictures please let me know.

Art Heller 

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