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EXTERNAL LISTING: Midwest Music EXPO - June 2022


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Midwest Music EXPO - June 2022

Fellow Forum Members


The 2022 Midwest Music EXPO, presented by the Antique Phonograph Society, will be held on June 10th, 11th, and 12th at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, IL, just outside of Chicago.


The EXPO promises to be the largest gathering of antique music enthusiasts of the year with dealers and attendees from all parts of the United States and Europe.  The EXPO will include traditional buying and selling over two days at the exhibition hall, several social activities including a formal banquet and silent auction, as well as many educational programs for both dealers and EXPO attendees.


The EXPO will have all types of antique musical items including phonographs, gramophones, music boxes, coin-op arcades, early radios, cylinder records, disk records, record cabinets, advertising, emporia, gifts, and lots of parts for all your restoration needs.


So plan on attending the 2022 Midwest Music EXPO and meet up with all your fellow collector friends and enthusiasts. EXPO Information and registration can be found at the Antique Phonograph Society website by clicking the following link:




Look forward to seeing you in June..!!


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Can we pay on the antiquephono.org site? I am already signed up as a dealer with a couple of friends, but I want to sign up for the banquet and would prefer to do it online rather than printing and mailing the form.

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You may use the Donations link:




for these registration payments but it is important to note in the "Special Instructions" that the payment is for Banquet, Tabels, Early Buyer or whatever.


As a matter of note, we are aggressively working on our new website implementation and are currently in a Beta test-phase.


Post-implementation we have discussed with our developers the need for a Miscellaneous Payments page to accommodate elements other than Memberships and Online Store Purchases. 

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