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FOR SALE: Phonographs to give away - mostly for parts


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Phonographs to give away - mostly for parts

My husband collected phonographs and Edison records for over 60 years. I would like to donate his phonographs - some are only good for parts, and a lot of the wooden cases need lots of work, or are beyond repair. But there is one upright in excellent working condition. I would donate this one to someone who would come and take all the phonographs for me.

I live in Urbana, Illinois, so I am about 3 hours from St. Louis, and 3 hours from Chicago.

I would like someone who has a passion for these phonographs and is interested in starting or adding to a collection. I want them to have a good home.

I really need all of them to be taken - even the ones in disrepair.

I also have lots of cylinder records and lots of 78s and some 45s (but that's for another time - those - I would want to sell)


The phonographs are free to a good home.


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