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Charity Seeks Help with Valuation/Sale of Shellac Records


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We are a charity second-hand record store based in Godalming, Surrey, England.  We donate all sale proceeds to the mental health charity, Catalyst,  without deduction even for our time and administration costs. We started in business in late 2020 and have so far raised over £2,000. If you would like to know more, a link to our website is here: https://makeadifferencerecords.com


Last week we received a donation that includes about 100 shellac records which at first glance seem to date mainly from the 1950s and include both classical recordings and more contemporary ones.


Unfortunately we do not have either the experience or manpower to be able to review and accurately value these records and we know from some limited online research that the value of them can range from very little to something material.


We are looking for assistance from someone with relevant experience who would be able to provide us with an approximate valuation and, ideally, purchase the records from us. We would be happy to take them in person to someone to review if they are local. We can be contacted at vinylforcharity@gmail.com   Thank you. Anthony.

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