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Edison's voice on two Diamond Disc records


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I recently made videos of "Let Us Not Forget" and "Greetings from the  Bunch at Orange". I know many of us have heard these records but some may not have. They are interesting and it is kind of fun to hear Thomas A. Edison himself speak to us.


My copy of "Let Us Not Forget" is a black embossed label version that is quite noisy on the spoken side. But, the words are listed as it plays. "Greetings From the Bunch at Orange" was meant for jobbers and dealers. Some of the managers that speak use humor to get their message out. And, Thomas A. Edison sends a very short greeting at the end of Part 2.




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BaO was recorded 25 November 1924 for the 1924 / 25 holiday season in an attempt to motivate dealers for achieving sales targets.  However, the concept of BaO began at least several years earlier, with this 1919 / 1920 pamphlet.










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What a terrific document. Thanks for posting it. I've not seen it before and it is interesting for sure.

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