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1929 Historic Perfect Circle / Charlie Davis and His Orchestra Gennett promotional record


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Has been on my bucket list for over 20 years! Historic Indiana recording of which there are probably less than 6 existent. Took an old time record collector passing away for me to obtain a copy. I will present two videos one of each side of this special personal pressing Gennett 12" 78rpm record for the Perfect Circle Piston Ring Company recorded in Richmond Indiana June 29, 1929.

The Charlie Davis Orchestra was the most popular dance band in Indianapolis between 1922 - 1929. Playing an all of the popular dancing venues in Indianapolis like the Columbia Club, Casino Gardens and Canoe Club.  They were featured on regular radio broadcasts over WFBM and WKBF which were part of the early Columbia Broadcast system.  They were the featured house band at the Ohio Theatre in 1926 and moved to the newly built Indiana Theatre in 1927. They remained at the Indiana Theatre until 1929 when they packed up and moved to NYC. They became a favorite in NYC as well playing at the Brooklyn Paramount Theatre. They remained in NYC until they disbanded in 1934.

The Perfect Circle Company was owned by the Teetor family in Hagerstown. There were two family members that were significant to Indianapolis 1920s popular music history and were probably the reason this Gennett personal Series record was made for promotional purposes by the Sidener, VanRiper & Keeling advertising agency in Indianapolis. Macy O. Teetor and

Donald H. Teetor were both young men in 1929. Macy 26 and Donald 31. They were both musicians of high caliber. These two even had small Wurlitzer theatre pipe organs installed into there individual houses in 1929.


By the way the short theme and exit music on this recording is the beginning of the song "Copenhagen" of which Charlie Davis was the composer.  This piece of music was wildly popular and recorded first by the Wolverines at Gennett. 

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