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Victor Orthophonic Arm Support Question


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Good evening,


Can anyone elighten me on why there were differences in Victor Othophonic (and some other non-orthophonic) arm support schemes even in the same model? I have had four Credenzas and an 8-35 over the years.  Some instruments had arms of the kind that used an arm support and some were the kind that did not. The Credenza I still have is an early two door model. It's arm has no support. The 8-35 I sadly recently had to part out had an arm support arm.


This is just a curiosity question. I couldn't find the answer in either of my Victor information books.


Thank you 

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Some early machines had the self supporting tone arms.  The design is a bit of a pain to take apart, grease and get back together properly.  The later ones with the pot metal supports have their own issues-pot metal being the biggest.  The pot metal supports are also different for different models, varying in width, height and angle. 


You mentioned and 8-35, I've had 3 of them over the years.  They are great sounding machines with unique styling.  My current one is my daily driver-love it!



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