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5000 Blue Amberol Crowdsourcing Project


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As I work on the Edison 5000 Blue Amberol video project, I want to continue to improve the data I have.  I have created recreated tops for all of the 5000 series Blue Amberols. However, for about 150 of them I did not have an original lid, or an image of an original lid.  I created those tops from good available Edison documentation, but not the actual lid. 


I would like to get these lids more accurate.   That's where your help comes in.   I have attached a listing of the lids for which I need an original image.  I do not need the lid, or the record.  I am only asking for you to snap a picture of the original lid and send it to me for any Blue Amberol 5000 number on the attached list.  


I know its a big ask, but any help in this project will be appreciated.  I am doing this to document this component of the hobby and I will gladly send anyone who contributes a digital image of all of the lids. 


If you can help, please look at the attached and snap pictures of original lids that match the numbers on the attachment.  You can send them to: MShawnORourke@gmail.com


Thank you 



5000 Needed.png

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Thank you! We've made some great progress.  I am now only missing images of 125 of them!


Keep looking everyone!  I want to make these as accurate as I possible can. 





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