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Frank C. Stanley: "On This Day in Phonographic History..."


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"On This Day in Phonographic History..."


December 29, 1868: Born: Frank C. Stanley, bass-baritone and prolific recording artist.


December 12, 1910: Died.


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Frank C. Stanley has always been one of my favorite singers, and his death always struck me as especially tragic considering he was just 41, leaving behind a widow and four children. Not to mention, under his leadership, the Peerless Quartet was truly unique- often being led by Stanley's bass-baritone voice, as opposed to the other major quartets which were usually led by a tenor. That really set the early Peerless Quartet records apart from the competition, and is something I would have loved to hear continue. Sadly it wasn't to be. 


On another note, Frank C. Stanley was also a decent songwriter. After his death, a song he wrote titled "In the Golden Afterwhile" was recorded by the Peerless quartet for all the major companies of the time: Victor, Edison, Columbia and Indestructible. I've attached the release information from the original Edison Amberol, which was published in the January 1912 Edison Phonograph Monthly. 

Frank C. Stanley.jpg

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George a great post for a great early record personality.


Here is a video one of the Columbia Demonstration records narrated by Frank C. Stanley on side 1.  Side 2 presents a nice song identified on the label as Male Quartet but I am quite sure it is the Perrless Quartet with Frank C. Stanley as one of the singers. Released in 1910 it must have been one of the last things Stanley did before he died.



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