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A Graphophone Grand Cylinder Record found in the wild!


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Yesterday afternoon I was walking through an antique store close to my home and came across a Graphophone Grand Cylinder box in a booth. It even had a record in it. I couldn't believe I found it there. Nothing else in that booth or the entire mall was related to phonographs at all. I got so excited I grabbed it and ran to the front of the mall to purchase it. It was marked $32.50 and no discount. I didn't hesitate, I just bought it.


The record is very moldy and likely will not play. I am not sure I will even try to play it. But, it has been a long while since I found something fun and rare in an antique mall. Perhaps a foolish purchase, but how could I have resisted buying a Columbia Grand cylinder record?!









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Will wonders never cease?  😵


Dan, I once bought a 5-inch cylinder in similar (if not worse) condition.  By gently rubbing the surface with an old, clean t-shirt - turning frequently - most of the mold came off and it was playable!


Boy, you never know what will turn up, do you?  How did this one record become separated from everything else? 




George P.

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Nice find! I wouldn't have passed it up either, simply because finding anything remotely nice is so very rare these days. I still love poking around antique shops but I haven't bought anything in longer than I can remember.

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