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FOR SALE: A biography of Edison's agent, Colonel Gouraud


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A biography of Edison's agent, Colonel Gouraud

After four years of research- including two and a half of writing- I am pleased to announce that my biography of Colonel George Gouraud has now been published.


Gouraud is a name well known to early recorded sound historians, but little was known about his life beyond the simple facts that he was a hero in the American Civil War,

became Edison's agent and introduced the Phonograph to Great Britain.

The author set out to discover his broader life, with a lot of newly-researched material.       In it- amongst other things- you will learn how:


He was rescued from his orphaning by the staff of a newspaper.

He carried one of the most iconic dispatches of the American Civil War.

He played the very first phonograph in Britain to Winston Churchill at his school.

He was not an American citizen when he died.


English. Softback. 21cms(8 inches)square. Two hundred pages including fifty of illustrations.


Price in the UK. £16.99: (12.99 plus £4.00 post + packing) Also includes the 64p PayPal fee.

To Europe: £20.50 inclusive of postage, packing and the PayPal fee.

To the United States and Canada: £26.00 inclusive of postage, packing and the PayPal fee.

To Australia, New Zealand and Japan £28.50 with postage, packing and the PayPal fee.


Payment (if by PayPal) to: howard_hope@yahoo.co.uk. Please pay in Pounds Sterling and make sure that PayPal displays your correct postal address.








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I can't really add much to the review that appeared in The Antique Phonograph, but I certainly enjoyed this book.  Gouraud is one the shadowy figures in early talking machine history who managed to play an important part in that history.  It was fun to learn about him in Howard's excellent book, and I recommend it to students of sound recording history. 


George P.

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