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i78s.org video - an APS Forum exclusive!


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Those who attended the dinner program at the APS EXPO got a personal tour of i78s.org - the impressive new website produced by David Giovannoni.  i78s has over 30,000 early records online with great search, playback options and automatic playlist building.  This valuable functionality combined with the breadth of David's collection makes i78s an important new resource for any collector of early recordings.  If you have not checked it out, what are you waiting for?


Because David delivered the presentation over Zoom, he produced a "fallback" in case of technical issues - a 20-minute video of phonograph-themed records.  It's a wonderful, fun compilation of recordings with lots of records I'd never heard before.  Here it is, an exclusive premiere on the APS Forum.




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We just listened to the dinner program given at the 1921 APS EXPO by David Giovannoni, The APS program was most entertaining.  It was fun to hear records promoting our favorite invention, the phonograph. The 20-minute video gives insight into the promotion of the phonograph by entertainers and various companies.  Give a listen and you will be enthralled and educated by the musical productions and promotion of our favorite form of early entertainment.


Rob & Joan

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I'm glad this is getting enjoyed.  


I got an update from David.  i78s now houses 40,000 recordings.  Most of them are from David's personal collection.  That's a lot of records! 


David's current focus is Edison Gold Moulded cylinders.  He says that by year's end, about 5,000 transfers comprising almost all domestic titles will be online.  What a holiday gift!

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