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Walter B. Rogers: "On This Day in Phonographic History..."


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"On This Day in Phonographic History..."


October 14, 1865: Born: Walter B. Rogers, cornet recording artist and later music director for Victor and Brunswick.


December 24, 1939: Died.


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Walter B. Rogers, after several years working as Victor's musical director, served as Paroquette's musical director. The company recorded and pressed its own records. I have always believed he is the trumpet player on this two sided 7 inch record, but I have no proof of that. In any case, I am sure he was the director for this record of Roger's Military Band on the short lived PAR-O-KET record label.


In mid-1916 Henry Burr formed with Fred Van Eps the Paroquette Record Manufacturing Company. Beginning in December 1916 it released hill-and-dale cut, etch-label double-faced PAR-O-KET records. These seven inch discs sold for 25 cents. The December 1917 issue of Talking Machine World is the last issue to list new PAR-O-KET releases. The May 1918 issue of the trade journal announced a public auction of the firm's assets, including 30,000 PAR-O-KET discs, to be held in Brooklyn on May 22.



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