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1932 33 1/3 Victor Program Transcription Record


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I recently purchased a 1932 Victor Program Transcription 33 1/3 record that is in remarkable condition. Both sides are dubs from 78 rpm records which isn't ideal, but the record is in wonderful shape and the sound is really pretty great considering what it is. I have several Program Transcription records and they nearly all have quite a lot of blasting and noise from being played. This one is very quiet except for a few pops and clicks I couldn't completely clean up.


Here are links to my YouTube transfer videos of each side. One 10 inch record contains the equivalent of four 12 inch 78 rpm records. Amazing for the time.


Orchestral Suite Part 1. Victor Program Transcription L-24002 33 1/3 dubs from Victor 35820 and 37848 on 8/28/1932.



Orchestral Suite Part 2. Victor Program Transcription L-24002 33 1/3 dubs from Victor 35381 and 35735 on 7/9/1931.



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I have never had one of these discs. Sure is sounding nice as I am listening now. Thanks for posting this. What kind of machine do you play this on? Neil

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The only machine I have that can play this is a modern turntable. I transfer records using my Audio Technica turntable and I used the same setup as I use for 78 rpm records, but with this one at 33 1/3. I used a 4 mil stylus and a Stanton 500 cartridge.

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