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Edison Fireside complete


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A few months ago, I opened up some boxes containing parts of an Edison Fireside Model B cylinder phonograph, which my wife’s father had dropped off about 40 years ago.  The Fireside is now fully functional thanks to a new spring, crank, and governor from George Vollema (Great Lakes Antique Phonograph), a rebuilt reproducer (Wyatt Markus), degreasing, reassembling and generally
messing around with (me).  With the 13 four minute cylinders that arrived with the device, it sounds good considering its age and technology.  The spring motor is quite quiet and a huge improvement on the small temporary 12 V DC motor that I used to evaluate its early condition.  The massive Edison Standard horn, which appears to have been purchased with the player, has some dings and scraps and there is a little rust here and there on the upper components of the phonograph.  The horn crane and front foot extension on the case are not quite replicas, but they do their job.

While not for sale  since my wife would kill me,  I am curious what forum  thinks it might sell for.  214355259_EdisonFinishedDustyandalittleRusty-3128.thumb.jpg.14bfb19fd9019472f664f0baa0efb40f.jpg765009947_EdisonFinishedDustyandalittleRusty-3135.thumb.jpg.0f1d7094dda4ba7ae4734f15d1f8f5b3.jpg214355259_EdisonFinishedDustyandalittleRusty-3128.thumb.jpg.14bfb19fd9019472f664f0baa0efb40f.jpg

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