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Enigma Phonograph


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I refurbished the phonograph in the attached photos.  The only manufacturing designations are found on the 5" Jensen driver and on the Astatic ceramic pickup.


The driver dates codes to 1932.  The pickup dates to 1964 and clearly was a replacement as new mounting holes were drilled in the headshell to mount it


The amplifier chassis has no manufacturing designators.  The tube compliment is 6X5, 12AX7 and 6V6, which would indicate a build time frame in the 1940's


The wood cabinets, inside and outside, are hand made using nicely resonant wood.  The vibe says to me Gibson or Fender.  


The Jensen driver was sent to Texas, as per the TX on the serial number.  


So I call this little gem, with the automatic open/close window and manual arm placement and auto arm return, The Enigma!


Does anyone out there in phonograph land know anything about this player?


Take a look at my photos and let me know if you have ANY clues as to it's origin.  May have been a college project Texas Tech, or ????


PS.   Pics pre-resto













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That is positively bizarre. Especially with the fact that it is a three speed turntable, then you'd have to figure it as being made some time after 1948/49 if that's original.

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