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Edward H. Amet's Echophone: "On This Day in Phonographic Hstory..."


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"On This Day in Phonographic History..."


November 20, 1895:  Edward Hill Amet filed for a U.S. patent for a “Graphophone or Device for Reproducing Sounds From Sound Writings.”  This humble device would be sold as the Echophone, the first low-priced talking machine ($5.00), the first with a tone arm, and the first with adjustable tone arm pressure.  

#antiquephonographsociety #phonograph #gramophone #antique

June 23, 1896: Edward Amet was granted U.S. patent (No.562,694) for a “Graphophone or Device for Reproducing Sounds From Sound Writings.”  


#antiquephonographsociety #phonograph #gramophone #antique













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The ad took a bit of artistic license in its representation of the horn. Here's how it actually looks with the (amazingly lightweight) cone horn.



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Thanks for the close-ups, Mike.  Both those machines were shown in The Talking Machine Compendium.  I could have bought that Metaphone at a New Jersey show in 1981, and I've been kicking myself ever since! 


George P.

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