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Pyne Twins Records does anyone know how to value etc


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These records are outside the date range of our hobby but I didn't know any other place to really get information on them. If this post is not allowed please delete and accept my humble apologies. However I think others will find these records to be fascinating and a rather unique piece of Americana.

I found these records in an antique store in Savannah, Ga around 2005. They stood out to me so I got them for that reasons. And I am glad I did for sure.

These records were used by the Pyne Twins who were in the 1956 Ice Capades-https://www.pinterest.com/pin/67342956898628988/

These records were possibly their audition records or the records they used on the show. They are privately made records.

Does anyone know how I can learn more about these? Thanks in advance




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