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New Old Stock Edison Diamond Disc Records


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I recently bought a few "New Old Stock" Edison Diamond Disc records. Now, I have no way to know for sure they were unplayed, but they certainly are all in great shape and I have only played them on modern equipment and not an actual Edison machine. These are all acoustic recordings that really sound great, though the sound of an acoustic recording is evident. The records recorded with metal horns have a very distinctive sound. But, the acoustic Diamond Disc records are arguably the best sounding acoustic records ever produced. Here are three of my favorites from the set of records I purchased.


“Not Yet, Suzette!” by The Merry Sparklers 1924


Oh. Joseph!” by Kaplan's Melodists 1924


“Why Did I Kiss That Girl?” by Tommy Monaco Orchestra 1924


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Three of my favorites too Dan.  I've also got a lot of DD records that I'll only play using a modern turntable.  Generally E- and below  I will play on original equipment.  I don't mind playing nos on original equipment if it's commonly found.  Of course a properly rebuilt DD reproducer is a must for that.


I would agree with your that acoustic Edison discs, especially from about 1920, are about as good as it gets.  🙂


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