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5000 Video Series - 5029 and 5030


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Pipe organ music is mostly undervalued and unappreciated by most.  Yet, the talent required to perform is noteworthy.


The Midmer-Losh Pipe Organ Company was a premier manufacturer of same.  The Midmer-Losh Pipe Organ in Atlantic City is credited with the largest pipe organ in the world, based upon the number of pipes.  Ample material regarding same is available via Internet searches.


The configuration Kinglsey used for his Edison recordings was at the Midmer-Losh Pipe Organ factory.


Attribution to the following content in this post to ARSC.





Frederick Kinsley at the organ console at the Hippodrome in 1924.

(Source: U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site.)


ARSC Kingsley Article

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