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Special K: “The Peerless Minstrels” by the Peerless Quartette & Co 1910


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This is the last record in the series and was the only record that was published in the normal catalog apart from the Special series. Significant blasting, but quite an extravagant recording rather like a later radio play.


So, now we have a record of how worn Edison Amberol Wax records get. Some of these was more worn than others, but all will deteriorate with continued play. Mine will just be enjoyed as records to view and admire. I have played them all now and have transfers of each of them. This has been a fun project. I hope some of you liked it as much as I did. Thanks for indulging me in the project of the last few weeks.


Some Edison Amberol images courtesy of George Paul



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Thanks for doing this project, Dan!


Although some of these performances are more enjoyable than others, it's an interesting "snapshot" of what the National Phonograph Company thought would be appealing to potential buyers in 1910.  A march, a comedy song, a "heart song," a sacred selection, an instrumental solo (saxophone), a rural sketch, a Jones & Murray duet, a Civil War camp song, an orchestral piece, and a minstrel selection; all comprising a broad cross-section of what types of records were selling 110 years ago.  A buyer may not have liked every record equally (as suggested by the various conditions of the cylinders), but surely there was something there for nearly everyone.


Thanks again for the exhibition - -


George P.

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You are welcome, George and thanks for the nice comments. I found it interesting while doing some research on each cylinder and also enjoyed the process of transferring the records. I had never listened to them before though I have had the records for a number of years. Now, onto to the next project of some kind.

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