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Special J: Maillart: “The Hermit's Bell Overture” by American Symphony Orchestra 1910


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The ninth in the series. Only one more to go!


Some of the Edison Special Amberol images courtesy of George Paul and Rod Pickett


 This record, more than any others in this series, demonstrates damage to a record clearly played a lot, but also likely played with an inappropriate stylus. There is considerable hiss throughout, and in the first minute there are a few places where the damage is both visible and audible. If I were going to make a guess I would think this record had been played a number of times with a diamond stylus and a late machine not meant to play the 4 minute wax records. But, it does play all the way through and is a great piece.


The overture to the opera “Les dragons de Villars” by Aimé Maillart. In English the opera is known at “The Hermit’s Bell”.


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