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Daniel Higham and the BC Graphophone: "On This Day in Phonographic History..."


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April 25, 1901: Daniel Higham filed for a U.S. patent for a “Phonic Apparatus.”  This mechanical amplifier would eventually be manufactured as the reproducers for the “BC” and “BM” Graphophones; the loudest cylinder talking machines of their day.


July 16, 1901: Daniel Higham was granted a U.S. patent (No.678,566) for a “Phonic Apparatus.”


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Video of a Type BC in Operation:

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Thank you, Dan - - you're kind to a fault.  The video is pretty rough, but I'm hoping to improve with experience.  I also could use some good video editing software!  Hopefully the operation of the Higham reproducer and some idea of the volume came through, despite the amateurish production.

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Well, thank you Rene. 


BCs are wonderful machines.  I really like the look of them.  When I brought this one home in 2002, it wasn't as pretty as it is now, but all I could see was its potential.  I deposited it on a footstool in our living room, exclaiming to Barbie, "Isn't it beautiful?"  The poor woman - perhaps fearing that I wanted to install it somewhere in that room - replied, "It's horrible!"

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