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“Manhattan Mary” by Al Friedman and His Orchestra 1927 Edison DD 52103


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I am very happy with how this particular transfer came out. I recently bought a new device that is both a DSP and phono preamp (The Puffin). It is truly amazing and lets me transfer vertical records with a stereo cartridge without the need to rewire. It is the best preamp I have ever used and works for LPs, both lateral and vertical 78s, and even cylinder records. You can listen to the record while adjusting the settings to get what you like, then transfer out of the preamp to capture the same sound. So much easier than capturing sound and cleaning it up after the fact. I do remove a bit of surface noise after the fact, but much less than ever before. Sorry this is a bit nerdy, but I had to share my excitement.



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That sounds great!


I own 2 Shannon Parks designed power amps; a 6B4G SET (Get*SET*Go), and a 6BQ5/EL84 PP ultralinear (Ampsandsound Stereo 15 Sp. Ed.) that I like very much.


It's nice to read yet another positive review of his Puffin.


Best regards,


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