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Berliner "Improved Gramophone": "On This Day in Phonographic History..."


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"On This Day in Phonographic History..."


August 19, 1897: Eldridge Johnson filed for a U.S. patent for a “Gramophone and Actuating Device Therefore.”  This device became the Berliner Improved Gramophone, selling over 30,000 units, and part of the world’s best-known trademark: “His Master’s Voice.”


March 22, 1898: Eldridge Johnson received a U.S. patent (No.601,198) for a “Gramophone and Actuating Device Therefore.” 


For  many additional pictures of surviving "Improved Gramophones," click here:


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Hiya folks,


At the risk of sidestepping this thread (not my intention), could one or more of you post a photo of the motor assembly with the "case/cabinet" off? My curiosity is whether there where any significant changes over time to the governor and/or entire motor mechanism.


If my post is too off-topic, just say so, and I'll create a separate post.




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Anything for you, Fran!


I don't believe there were any significant changes to the mechanism over its production life other than going from a 2-ball to a 3-ball governor.  Only the earliest examples had 2-ball governors.


George P.

PS: The piece of leather between this mechanism and the wooden base may not be original, but it has been there for a very long time (it was there when I bought the machine in 1981) so I'm leaving it in place.




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