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WANTED: 04 casters wanted


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04 casters wanted

Readers; I have a Canadian Victor machine with the 'hard rubber' or 'early plastic' or '?' casters in a metal framework. At present two are missing,  one is halved, and the other is a 'broken hexagon'. They are labeled as "Hamme----- Brand" mayhap "Hammer Brand?" The metric size is 03.02 on the square side, 03 1/2 on the indented side, a straight line corner to corner at the holes for the screws is 04cm. They seem to have been 04cm tall. The assembly is in two parts, removable with a screw. There is a stamped logo on one part that could be understood as a hammer symbol.


After that, and enough details?, I set forth the Cry into the Phonograph Kingdom.  Does anyone have 04 of these they would like to sell to a good home?


Thank you for Reading this

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