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Frederick W. Hager: "On This Day in Phonographic History..."


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December 31, 1874: Born: Fred Hager, pioneer bandleader, recording artist, and musical director for National Gram-O-Phone Corp, Zon-O-Phone, and Globe.


March 3, 1958: Died.

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A composition by Hager:



Hager's Orchestra became a staple on Zonophone.  Here are a handful of examples:


In 1900 and 1901, Zonophone discs were pressed by the Globe Record Company, and since Hager was musical director for both Zonophone and Globe, , his orchestra naturally played for both concerns.  Before looking at a few Hager Zonophones, here's the Orchestra performing on one of the short-lived Globe Record Co. Climax /Columbia pressings of 1901:



On the scarce 1902 series of 10-inch Zonophone discs; this one with an unusual catalog number:



Another Hager's Orchestra selection on a regular-issue 10-inch Zonophone.  This 10-inch series appeared only briefly in 1902.



Hager's Orchestra was heavily featured on 9-inch brown Zonophones from 1903-04...



...and on 9-inch brown Zonophones from 1904-05...



...and on 10-inch black Zonophones from 1905 and thereafter:




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Great collection of records and a great photo. I have to try to make a transfer of one of his records. It would be a fun project. Thanks for posting.

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