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Gianni Bettini: "On This Day in Phonographic History..."


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"On This Day in Phonographic History..."


February 27, 1938: Died: Gianni Bettini, pioneer phonograph inventor, audiophile, and an early producer of cylinder operatic recordings.

Video courtesy of John Levin.

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Thanks!  It was fun pulling out some long-ignored treasures for this project.  


For background music, I considered using a Bettini recording but opted instead for something more cheery.  It's Rainbow Dance by Columbia Orchestra, recorded in 1897 (many thanks to Columbia for that handy "New York City" announcement).  Apologies for the 10 seconds at the end where someone played a bit with a Model O (or something).  That's all it takes.



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John, great video.  Love the Aiglon (Bettini n ° 2) at the end.

I hope to build upon this with you to explain the connection with the builder/machinist of these fantastic machine's, Louis Lamazaiere.

His work has been in the shadows too long.

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