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Wood Manufacturing Company Phonograph Cabinet

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I got this Wood Manufacturing Company cabinet and matching Victor VV-IX phonograph at a local antique shop years ago. I then discovered it was listed in

Antique Phonograph Accessories & Contraptions by Timothy Fabrizio and George Paul on pages 216-217.  I was not able to find any more information about 

it after that, so when I joined the APS this summer, I e-mailed George about my cabinet. He added that he had shot the photo of the Wood cabinet in the book and had seen a few of these over the years. He also said that Wood had supplied record ejector mechanisms for Columbia. It added $10 to the price of a Grafonola.


The cabinet uses cloth-covered wood dividers to separate the discs. These are missing on mine. It also uses a push-button record retrieving system. Their slogan was "Push the Button, Get the Record." My cabinet and Victrola both have a very high-gloss finish. You can see the Vogue picture record on the wall reflected on the Victrola very well. Does anyone know if these are factory finishes? Also if anyone has ideas on the best way to recreate the wood dividers, I would greatly appreciate it. Please let me know if you have additional information about the cabinet or company. Thanks.










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Hello Richard,


It's difficult to tell from the images, but at least the record cabinet looks like it has been overcoated with a new finish.


As for the record dividers, are you sure they're missing?  The short dividers look quite similar to the Pooley design where the records are held in place by their edges only - - typically 10-inch records on the top shelf and 12-inch records on the bottom shelf.


As for additional information on the Wood Manufacturing Company, I recall seeing ads for its products in The Talking Machine World in the issues from the late 'teens.  You might want to do a search, starting around 1917 or so:


https://archive.org/search.php?query="talking machine world"


Best of luck,

George P.

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George, thanks for the insight. I guess when I saw the green dividers in the book, I figured mine somehow needed them, too. They don't. I also appreciate the link to "Talking Machine World".



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