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1910 Edison Amberol Attachment Offer Brochure

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As so often happens when writing articles (or books), material surfaces soon after publication that would have been nice to include in the work!  In this case, it's even worse, because I've had the images for this Amberol Attachment Offer brochure in my digital files since 2014.  😖  I discovered them today while looking through unrelated images in my hard drive.


APS Members have an article in the December 2020 issue of The Antique Phonograph that describes in some detail how Edison developed and marketed the Amberol Attachments from 1908-1917.  The brochure pictured below should be an interesting addition to that article, as well as a stand-alone document showing how Edison promoted the "Offer" (which included 10 Special Amberol Records) beginning in 1910.   The final image appeared in the article mentioned above, and shows a complete outfit as described in the brochure.


George P.










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