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Brunswick Holiday Record produced by KHJ Radio Los Angeles 1929

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Here is a rather odd record made by KHJ Radio in Los Angeles California in 1929. One side is a Christmas program and the other is a New Year's Eve program. Fun to listen to, and I think the New Year program is the better of the two. There is a little groove damage I think in the original pressing on the Christmas side that I worked to clean up once I captured the side. It took a heavy cartridge/stylus to even play through the area. But, it turned out fairly well.


One thing I am curious about is how was the record released. Do any of you California folks know anymore about it? Was it given out to the public or just used internally for a Radio show? A bit of a mystery to me.


A little bit of Christmas and New Year's cheer. Happy Holidays!



🍾1930 Wishing You a Happy New Year - KHJ Radio



🎄1929 Wishing You a Merry Christmas - KHJ Radio



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A while back I got a hold of a Columbia made Christmas message produced for Met Life insurance in 1923. The speaker is their president Haley Fiske and on the other side is the Met Life Insurance Glee Club singing Silent Night. I too love these odd little recordings.

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