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Victor Dealer special Christmas records from the 1940s

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In the 1940s RCA Victor produced records as gifts for their dealers. These records were not commercially released, just provided to the dealers. Most of the records were reissues of records already commercially available many years earlier. Here are three several I have collected over the years. I will start with my favorite from 1947 then going back to 1943. These are fun to see and hear. Happy Holidays!


"Sei Morta Nella Vita Mia" by Enrico Caruso 1918 / 1947 RCA Victor Christmas Record

This one is the most special one I think because while it was recorded by Enrico Caruso in 1918 it was not released to anyone before this 1947 dealer gift record. It later was released commercially on 45rpm and LP records in the 1950s. It is my favorite recording by Caruso. His voice is very clear and it is said that Victor did not release it in 1918 because it was too good and might be better than what they could normally record. Who knows how true that is, but it is a terrific story.


“La Marseillaise” by Marcel Journet 1925 / 1944

Released at Christmas time 1944 which is when the Battle of the Bulge was happening. The French national anthem recorded in 1925 sung by a French opera singer, Marcel Journet, could not have been more appropriate.


"Over There" by Enrico Caruso 1918 / 1943 RCA Victor Christmas Record

Originally recorded during World War I, this was released to the dealers in 1943. The second side is a message from the general manager of RCA Victor. This was during the height of World War II.





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