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The daily increases in Covid deaths - with no end in sight - have filled me with a kind of hopeless sadness. 


This beautiful cancion from 1905 is about saying goodbye.  Of course it's about love not death but it made me feel better, as immersion in early music and machines often does,  So, during this time of pervasive loss, I'm sharing it with all of you.


For those unfamiliar with these oddball Mexican cylinders, yes, it's a 2-minute recording.  Originally released as black wax 18596, this cylinder was one of fewer than 100 Mexican titles re-released on Blue Amberols in 1912. 


For the whole story about them, members need look no further than the APS Library.  It was well-documented in our old publication The Sound Box by Lynn Andersen. Click Library/Content on the main menu and look up The Sound Box September and November 1994 issues.



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If I knew Spanish I suppose it would be more interesting. Being an English speaker it sounds well slow moving but if a love song then understood. Sounds loud and clear no matter. Thanks for posting. 


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