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My first transfer using my newly acquired 4 mil stylus


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I bought a 4 mil stylus for my Stanton 500 cartridge. It is really a nice setup for many 78 records. This record I would say is a VG or E- at best. But, with this stylus it turned out to be one of my quietest transfers yet. Most of my transfers have been done with a 3 mil stylus which does a pretty good job. But, this one seems to show less surface noise and is easier to cleanup digitally. And it also prevents many of the loud blasts often heard in 78 records. Anyway, what do you think? Am I crazy or does it sound a little better?


“Burgundy” by The B. F. Goodrich Silvertown Cord Orchestra 1926

DAHR: https://adp.library.ucsb.edu/index.php/matrix/detail/800009869/BVE-35629-Burgundy



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On 11/13/2020 at 4:13 AM, Fran604g said:

I think it sounds marvelous piped through my main stereo system. Do you have a recording of the same piece played with your previous 3 mil stylus for me to compare?



This is to show the difference between the original post done with a 4 mil stylus and this one with a 3 mil stylus. Not a very successful example because the record is in pretty good shape. What you can notice is that there is more surface noise and a slight more blasting in a couple of louder passages.


When I find a more pronounced example I will post that as well. I am not sure the difference here is all that noticeable short of playing it very loud or with headphones.



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Thank you Dan, I'll give them a listen.



I agree completely with your assessment, the tenor's highest notes definitely blast a little with the .3 mil stylus. Surface noise to me is pretty much the same. Very subtle differences overall, but the .4 mil stylus performs better, there's no doubt in my opinion. 


Thanks again,


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