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It all came together last week


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A lot of people have experimented making cylinder records with varying success.  But last week was special.  An ensemble of 6 professional trad jazz musicians "went before the horn" at an outdoor evening concert to record with Colin Hancock (who's been cutting brown wax records for over 6 years) as the recordist.  The results were spectacular.  I intercut the video of the band making the record with a transfer of the actual cylinder.  The transfer was made on CPS1 with a vTrace cartridge fitted with a new 2M experimental stylus I'm developing.  

I think the cylinder has a wonderful "period" sound.  Enjoy!

PERSONNEL (l to r): Colin Hancock (tenor sax, recordist), Dan Levinson (clarinet), Mike Davis (cornet), Albanie Falletta (banjo), Vince Giordano (bass sax), Kevin Dorn (drums), Tilly Grassa (videographer)



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That is seriously impressive! Great musicians, obviously, but I'm blown away by the fidelity of the passages of the actual cylinder. Terrific job all around.

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I agree - - and the intercutting shows not only the acoustic limitations of the wax, but also the magical combination of frequencies remaining that result in the period sound we all love.  That's a tight little band!


George P. 

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