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Those of you who attended the APS Expo banquet in 2015 got to meet Colin Hancock, a high school aged cornetist who played trad jazz and made excellent recordings on brown wax.  That event was so successful that Colin came back to perform with the California Feetwarmers at the Expo in 2016.


Colin went on to Cornell where, in addition to getting a degree in urban planning, he organized the Cornell Syncopators.  Now, while completing his masters degree at Columbia, his musical chops have evolved to the point that he was invited to perform at the Newport Jazz Festival (before it was cancelled).  


Knowing Colin, I wasn't at all surprised to learn that the pandemic failed to suppress his musical and creative side.  Holed up at his home in Buda, TX, he produced an album of 33 tunes, including familiar dance/jazz classics and a few original compositions.  Not only is this fabulous, toe-tapping music.  ALL OF THE 18 INSTRUMENTS ARE PLAYED BY COLIN!


You can hear the album, download it and contribute to this extraordinary 24-year old at this link:







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This is remarkable. Fun to listen to and a super talented 24 year old musician playing 1920s jazz like it is the 1920s. And I am absolutely amazed he played all the instruments. Wow!


My fav so far is Old Folks Shuffle. Maybe because I am an Old Folk... I bought the album and downloaded it. Great stuff.

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I am no music expert but I really liked this album. The big thing for me is it sounds right. It doesn't sound like modern musicians playing modern arrangements in a modern way. To my ear, it is any 78 in my collective with the sound drastically improved. Don't give this one a miss.

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