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Columbia BFT

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Hello Bill,

The belt of your BFT is too long, and (incorrectly) riding over the 2/4-minute gearing.  The belt should be riding only on the lower and upper pulleys, with a bit of tension being exerted by the idler.  As for the spring for the idler, you can probably get one at your local hardware store - especially if the original is still there for comparison.


I admit that I'm baffled as to what you mean by a "screw and key for screw drive end."  I see a crank in one of your pictures, so I assume you don't mean that.  Perhaps you can picture what you mean.


George P.

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Yes I know the belt is in the wrong place. It’s been cut from an inner tube. There from original owners. Moved it to take pictures. Third picture from bottom. Are all the parts correct? Sorry don’t know terminology yet. Anybody got a picture of that side that’s correct set up? Thanks 

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