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Trimarchi: “Un Bacio Ancora” by Enrico Caruso 1903


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International Zonophono record X-1550 recorded April 19, 1903 in Milan at 75 RPM. One of the rarest of all Caruso 78 records that I am very happy to own.


This is the first of the seven Caruso Zonophono records recorded in 1903. It is announced (some believe by Caruso himself) and a piano accompanies Caruso in a beautiful tune. It is not an opera aria but it is a beautiful song written by Rocco Trimarchi. I am surprised it is not sung more even today. It is really a beautiful piece of music. I do not know who plays the piano, but it is well done and actually recorded quite well for 1903.


Trimarchi: “Un Bacio Ancora” by Enrico Caruso 1903




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