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1928 Victor Talking Machine Co. VE9-54E 2nd generation Automatic Electrola with Radiola 64

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Great job, Carlton!


I'm almost done with my Type 2 10-35 changer and rewiring of the cabinet. These changers remind me of a Mercedes M100 engine. Heavy, massive, overbuilt, and not for wimps! Thanks for all your help and pointers. The rubber kit was EXACTLY what I needed.


Your TT looks great. I filled the fissures on mine with silicone adhesive sealant and used the black Flex Seal spray, because my TT was originally black. That racecar red sure is pretty, though! Last thing I need to do is re- line the record depository on mine. It's OK but looks tatty compared to the rest of the machine now.


I think I need to replace the leather pad for the governor, though. It's hard as a rock and sounds faintly like a machine gun when the table is running at speed.


Any idea if there is a "code" for the red or black TT?

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If you don't like the spiral binder, buy me a bigger house Mr. money bags. LOL! 😏


My 66th birthday is August 23rd! All donations are cheerfully and gratefully accepted.


Hey, its time to start those  Social Security checks too!



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